Property Marketing: 8 Reasons To Make Use of Video

Over the past few years, video has risen through the ranks as an up-and-coming marketing strategy to a must-have for the majority of industries. But when it comes to property marketing, many estate agents and developers are still hesitant to take the plunge. Here are 8 reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on this game-changing tool in property marketing.

1. It gets your audience’s attention

There are seemingly endless statistics out there that point to video having a higher rate of engagement than image or text alone. At a time where many people spend hours scrolling on their phone, a video has the power to stop someone in their tracks. 

One explanation for this is that the human brain is better at interpreting visual content while our eyes are attracted to movement – making video an easy way to grab our attention and keep it.

2. It shows you go the extra mile

A beautifully put together video of a home shows real care and attention to detail when it comes to selling property. Not only do we take more notice of videos, but they have the power to elicit an emotional response, telling the story of the home to prospective buyers and allowing them to easily imagine themselves living there. 

Buying or selling a home is a huge event for most people, and so they want to feel that whatever agent they work with is one who not only cares, but wants to put in the extra effort to help them reach their goals. 

A recent video we created for the Landmark Group

3. It helps you stand out from your competitors

With most estate agents not utilising video in their marketing offering, it’s a great way to help you stand out from the crowd. Naturally, when people are looking to sell their home they will shop around before choosing their agent.

While there are other factors they will look at, potential vendors will want to know your strategy for selling their home. If no one else in the area is providing house videos in their package, you will instantly differentiate yourself from the other estate agents they have spoken to.

4. It shows you understand modern marketing

Similarly, using video will show that you are not only different from your competitors, but that you are in tune with modern property marketing techniques.

It tells potential vendors that you are invested in getting your properties sold and proactive in finding out the best ways to do so. The importance of this is not to be underestimated – in fact, up to 85% of buyers and sellers would prefer to work with an agent who uses video marketing.

So as well as giving your brand image a boost, the use of video may well lead to more instructions.

5. It helps your listings reach more people

As we touched on earlier, rates of engagement on video are much greater than that for photos or text. A result of this is that your video is far more likely to be shared, helping you reach a wider audience and getting more clicks on the property listing.

This is great for estate agents, as most people will be sharing your content to other people from the area. And of course, the more clicks you get, the more likely you are to finding that perfect buyer.

A property video we created for Oxfordshire estate agents Stowhill Estates

6. It helps get more enquiries from your listings

Video doesn’t just help your listings get seen, it helps take people on the journey from that first click to picking up the phone. One study even showed that the use of video generated over 400% more enquiries when compared to a standard listing.

This all links back to the engagement that we covered in point 1 – people simply pay attention to video on a different level to any other kind of online content.

7. It can better showcase the features of your properties

The movement of video allows you to show your audience features of a property that simply wouldn’t be possible with photography alone.

As well as having the emotive quality that we covered earlier, video can also better show properties in a more practical sense, for example how the rooms connect and the flow of the house.

If you take it one step further and utilise aerial drone footage in your videos, you can also give potential buyers a much better idea of the property’s location – a major selling point when it comes to arranging a viewing.

8. It will increase time spent on your website

Thanks to its high engagement rate, video will instantly help increase the time spent on your website. The more time people spend engaged with your content, the more familiar with you they become. This paves the way for converting website visitors into loyal clients.

Even when you are sharing video via your social channels, make sure to always include a link back to your site. This will help you make the most of the power of video marketing.

If you’d like to start using video in your property marketing strategy, feel free to give us a no-obligation call on 0800 773 48 28 or fill out the form on our contact page. We’d be delighted to help.