Present the possibilities...

Turn ideas into reality with photo-realistic CGIs and digital furnishing that rivals the real thing.

How CGIs help sell properties...


Create Interest

CGIs allow you to showcase a new development before the construction is even complete.

Plus, their versatile nature means they can be used across every element of your marketing strategy, from social media to the site office.

Spark The Imagination

Buying  a property off-plan is naturally risky, but CGIs help people to visualise the end result and be able to better imagine what it might be like to live there.

This not only gives you a real head start on your marketing but helps to make your sales team's job that much easier.


Computer-generated images that provide a realistic representation of a property that is either unfinished or yet to be built.

  • Bring plans to life with exterior, interior, and 3D site map CGIs
  • Take potential buyers on a visual journey with a CGI fly-through video
  • Market and sell your properties off-plan without the need for a show home

How CGIs Are Made...

First, the architect’s CAD floor plans are combined with their elevation drawings to create a clay render

Materials including brick colour, brick type, tiles, doors and windows, are selected from a list and applied to the clay render

Photographs of the site are used to pick a viewpoint for the final image and to inform the background, as well as landscaping plans for the grass, trees and pathways

The image is sent over for approval before the full, high resolution version is rendered


Digital Furnishing

A quick and cost-effective alternative to home staging, digital furnishing is a type of photo editing that fills an empty space with realistic, 3D rendered furniture.

  • Demonstrate the potential of a buyer's future home
  • Fill the space with everything from beds and sofas to artwork and plants
  • Present a fully furnished space which looks just like the real thing, with items that are seamlessly blended into the room with light and shadow

Digital Furnishing In Action

Move the slider to see before and after...