Can Twilight Photography Help Sell Property?

Twilight photography can be a highly valuable part of your property marketing strategy. These are shots taken during the golden hour, just before and during sunset, when a lovely golden warmth fills the sky, diffusing the sun’s rays and reducing harsh shadows.

After tuning on all the mood an accent lighting, the photographer chooses a viewpoint and waits for just the right moment as the sun is setting. The result, if done properly, is a striking image with a welcoming yet high-end feel.

So what exactly is it that makes twilight photos so effective, and how can it help to increase property sales?

A property photographed at dusk stands out amongst its daylit counterparts, particularly if you use the photo as the hero image in your listing. The average buyer will scroll through pages and pages of listings on a property portal, and the strong colours and atmospheric feel of a twilight shot are instantly appealing. Getting buyers to click onto the listing is the first hurdle, and a professional twilight shot is a great way to increase your chances.

Buyers will normally only view a property during the day, so a twilight photograph is a great way for them to (literally!) see the house in a different light and to imagine coming home to it after a long days work. Dusk has an inherently cosy feel to it, and when a twilight photo is a potential buyer’s first impression it can help instil a positive feeling going into the first viewing.

Don’t be mistaken in thinking that twilight photography is just for the most expensive properties, either. Any type of building, from sprawling mansions to blocks of flats, can benefit from dusk photography.

Even if it’s not possible to photograph a property at that crucial time, today’s photo editing software means that it is possible to turn even the brightest of skies into a warmly lit sunset and replicate the soft glow of a property’s interior lights.

While photos alone won’t sell a home, they can certainly increase the amount of interest on a listing, which might just lead to that one perfect buyer. Why not try it out for your next property marketing campaign? Get in touch with us at or click here to find out more about our property photography services.