Is There Still a Place for Property Brochures?

Gone are the days where prospective buyers would step into your office as their first port of call. In fact, some research suggests that more than 95% of property searches now start online. With the rapid growth of digital marketing and a huge emphasis on having an online presence,  is there still room for traditional print marketing in property?

Though much as been made of the ‘death of print’, many of the world’s leading brands are still producing brochures as part of their marketing strategy. This is particularly true for companies selling high-ticket items, for example Chanel or Mercedes-Benz. So why should marketing property be any different?

The truth of the matter is, there are still many people out there who prefer to consume print as opposed to digital content. As Samantha Ashdown of AshdownJones puts it:

“Maybe I’m just a little bit old-fashioned. But, then, there are a lot of us around, and some of us buy houses”.

Why Property Brochures Still Work

If you have eliminated property brochures entirely, you may be cutting out a significant portion of buyers. We believe that brochures can work in conjunction with your digital marketing efforts, by complementing your online offerings and adding an extra something special that you don’t always find on the web.

Well-crafted listings and social media posts are effective in their own right, but it only takes one click of a button and your prospective client is on to something else. Post a beautifully produced brochure to their door or send them home with one under their arm, however, and it has the potential to make a lasting impression.

High-quality, professionally produced property brochures don’t just sell bricks and mortar, they sell the lifestyle of the home. Print design can be perfectly tailored to individual properties, bringing together HD photography, accurate floorplans and compelling copy into one cohesive product. Do you want the property to feel luxurious or affordable? Exclusive or family-friendly? These concepts can all be achieved through creative brochure design.

So if you’ve let print marketing fall by the wayside, it’s time to reconsider. Give us a call on 01494 358 888 or send an email to to find out how we can help.