Property Marketing: The Benefits of Digital Furnishing

Cost effective and quick, digital furnishing is an essential part of your property marketing toolkit. Here is an explanation of what it is, why it works, and how it can help boost property sales.

What is digital furnishing?

In a nutshell, digital furnishing is a type of photo editing that fills an empty space with realistic, 3D rendered furniture. From beds and sofas to artwork and plants, the items are virtually placed into the room, where light and shadow is added to blend them seamlessly into the image. The end result is a fully furnished space which looks just like the real thing.

Move the slider to the left to see a room before and after digital furnishing.

Why do it?

People tend to pay closer attention to the look and feel of a house as opposed to the building itself, which is where virtual furnishing can really help encourage buyers.

It can be hard to imagine living in an empty property, but digital furnishing allows prospective buyers to see themselves in the rooms, as well as demonstrating the potential of their future home.

With thousands of new property listings being added to Rightmove every single day, it’s important that the first image a potential buyer sees is one that draws them in – and a photo of a furnished house is much more inviting than its unfurnished counterpart.

Digital furnishing is a viable option for all types of homes, from small flats to sprawling manors, and offers an affordable alternative to traditional property staging.

Renting furniture for a even a 2 bedroom house can cost thousands, but with virtual furnishing you can fit out an entire property for just a fraction of the price.

What about when buyers view the property?

Although technology doesn’t allow us to virtually furnish a room in real life (yet!), it means that buyers get the best of both worlds. Not only do they get to see the property in all its fully furnished glory, but they can also experience the true size and structure of the house when they view it.

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