Using Creative Photography to Market High Value Homes

Photography plays a key part in marketing any property, but there are certain houses that demand a little extra attention. Because of their size and unique features, standard photography alone often doesn’t do justice to higher value homes.

But by thinking outside the box, you can use photography to better showcase a property’s features and differentiate you from other estate agents in your area.  

Here are a few different types of images that can boost your property marketing campaign.

Twilight photography

Photos taken at dusk can instantly make a house appear more warm and welcoming. The photographer will turn on all mood and accent lighting, find an ideal viewpoint, and wait for the perfect moment to capture the shot. 

This approach is especially effective for high value properties because they tend to have more outside lighting, adding to the atmospheric effect of a well-done twilight image. Plus, with their strong colours and high-end feel, they are an easy way to stand out from the crowd and help get eyes on your listing. 

Drone photography

An example of aerial property photography

Drone photography is great for high value homes because it enables potential buyers to really see the size and scale of the property, something which can be hard to imagine when seeing the house from the ground.

Location is a key selling point for any home, but is something you don’t normally see in standard property listings. By using a drone, you can easily give potential buyers a taste of the surrounding area and the distance between neighbouring homes.

The higher perspective that a drone allows can also help to emphasise the value of the property. Many buyers appreciate spacious gardens and quality landscaping, which can be easily captured through the use of aerial photography.

Aerial mast photography

From an aesthetic point of view, the benefits of aerial mast photography are obvious. Put simply, shooting from a higher perspective can make the difference between a good photo and an outstanding one.

Aerial mast photography can help to give dimension to your property image, and can also help to show off eye-catching views that might otherwise be hidden. It’s a simple change, but can have a huge effect on the overall visual appeal of your image.

Local photography

Photographs of the local area help to build a picture for potential buyers, and is far more powerful than written notes in your brochure or property listing. Local photography works particularly well for landscapes, landmarks and walking trails, but can also be used to show off any unique selling points of the community.

Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography helps to shape the emotional connection between potential buyers and the property, allowing them to imagine not just the house itself, but what it would be like to live there. 

Lifestyle shots could be anything from a fresh bouquet of flowers on a country kitchen table to a fully stocked wine rack in a luxury home. They not only have aesthetic benefits, but show your clients that you have really appreciated and understood their property, and that you will go the extra mile to ensure they get a sale. 

Whatever approach you take to marketing high value homes, it’s vital that you use a professional for the job. If you would like to find out more about our photography services, get in touch by calling the office on 0800 773 48 28 or by emailing 

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