11 Ways Estate Agents Can Get Started With Video Marketing

Video is still very much leading the way when it comes to digital marketing, but when it comes to video and estate agency it can be hard to know where to start. Ranging from quick clips filmed on your phone to high-production property videos, there are many ways that you can start incorporating it into your marketing strategy today.

1. Property listings

With thousands of new properties being added to Rightmove every single day, it’s important to have listings that stand out from the crowd. Video is not only a great way to encourage people to look at your listings, it’s been proven to generate more enquiries. In fact, one study even showed that the use of video generated over 400% more enquiries when compared to a standard listing.

2. Property teasers

Video can be a highly effective tool in generating interest in a new instruction. You can create a teaser by either editing down your full property video or simply creating a short video on your phone when you visit the property. Don’t give too much away – a 10 second clip showcasing something unique or appealing about the home will do the trick. Then all you need to do is post the video on social media with its location and launch date.

3. Area guides

Location is always going to be a driving factor when it comes to buying a new house, so why not use video to show what your area has to offer?

From ducklings swimming at the local pond to the buzz of the village coffee shop, video captures the atmosphere of a location in a way that photography doesn’t, giving buyers a real taste of life in their future home.

4. Business introductions

Did you know that the ‘About’ page is one of the most visited pages on most sites? When vendors are looking for an estate agent to instruct, they will be trawling through website after website trying to narrow down which ones they should contact. Business introduction videos are a great way to present all the information they need in an engaging, easy-to-digest way.

You can also include a link to the video in the marketing packs that you send to potential clients. That’s a win-win in our books.

5. Employee profiles

Selling your home is a personal business, and the human element is an important factor when it comes to choosing an agent. Like business introduction videos, ‘meet the team’ videos are a brilliant strategy for conveying your brand personality.

Plus, if a potential client has seen videos of your team, they will already feel that sense of familiarity. This is key in pushing them one step closer to instructing you to sell their home.

6. Behind the scenes

Videos of you unboxing your latest brochures, preparing a home for a shoot or on your way to a viewing can do wonders for building awareness for your agency and tend to do well on social media. These are meant to be more informal, so a short clip filmed on your phone will suffice.

7. Day in the life

Giving a glimpse into your day-to-day life allows you to bring a bit of personality to your social media feeds. Share a short video of a great meal out, an event or something funny that happened over the weekend. Just make sure that these kinds of posts are nothing to do with selling houses – the point here is to show yourself in a more relatable, approachable light.

8. Tips for buying and selling

Videos like these work by connecting to your audience at varying points in their buying or selling journey and offering your expertise.

Think about the types of questions you get asked all the time by people looking to buy or sell. Why not try answering them on video? These types of videos needn’t have a high production value, and can even be done as Facebook lives on your page.

9. Client testimonials

Testimonials are a really valuable marketing tool, and video testimonials are even more effective. Humans naturally seek advice and confirmation before we make decisions, and the emotive qualities of video really help to drive a recommendation home.

Why not arrange a video testimonial of some valued clients from their new home? Showing people at the end of their moving journey can be really inspirational for people looking to buy a home.

10. Local business features

These kinds of videos not only help to show your interest and passion for the area you serve, but also help shine a spotlight on other local businesses. You could arrange an interview with the owner of a new boutique, or maybe with someone who’s been a part of the community for years. The people you feature will really appreciate it, plus you never know when they might be looking for an estate agent themselves – chances are you’ll be their first port of call.

11. Market reports

Video is a quick and engaging way to keep your audience up to date with the latest market trends including house prices or supply and demand. The facts and figures on their own could potentially be rather dull, but presented in a video format people are much more likely to take notice. As with buying and selling tips, the benefit of these videos is two-fold – they offer great value to your audience while also helping to establish your expertise.