Why You Should be Using Floor Plans In All Your Property Listings

With technology changing at an astounding rate, it can be easy to get caught up in the latest ways to present your property. And while things like HD videos and digital furnishing are highly valuable parts of your marketing strategy, it’s important not to forget the basics too.

Floor plans may have been around for a while, but they are still instrumental in the sale of a property. In fact, research conducted by Rightmove found that one in five buyers would completely ignore a listing without a floor plan. On the other hand, listings with floor plans generated up to 30% more interest.

The numbers speak for themselves, but what is it that makes floor plans so effective in selling a home? Here are a few reasons that every listing should have one.

The Complete Picture

All property listings should have high-quality photos of the rooms, and pairing them with a floor plan allows buyers to truly appreciate the size and layout of the house.

They can showcase unique architectural features and the relationship between the rooms, which you might not be able to capture with a camera alone.

floor plans can also be a saving grace when the property is crowded or cluttered, as buyers will be able to refer back to it to get a real idea of the space.

Less Time Wasted

Floor plans contain essential information which can help a buyer determine if they should come and see the house in person.

For example, if a buyer has already looked at another property and decided that it’s too small, they will be able to easily compare floor plans to see if your property is suitable.

The result is less time wasted for both buyer and agent, allowing more time to spend on viewings for those with a real interest in making a purchase.

Spark the imagination

Buyers will often look at the measurements on a floor plan to figure out if their furniture will fit. Once they have started to think about where their furniture will sit in the various rooms of the home, they may also start to think about how they would decorate, or how else they could make use of the space.

Being able to imagine themselves living in the property is a key part of the selling process, made that much easier by simply having a plan to hand.

Of course, to be most effective, a floor plan has to be accurate. At CJ Property Marketing, we provide industry standard RCIS compliant plans within 24 hours of our visit to your property.

All of our property photographers are fully trained to measure and draw plans with the highest degree of accuracy. The drafting team then convert these into your own personalised style and upload them to your online portal ready for the following day.

We’ve seen just about every shape and style of house going, so you can be assured our team will produce a detailed plan for your marketing.